Advice is also given to those in other regions but for practical reasons visits are restricted to the Poitou Charentes. I offer a wide range of help and support drawing on my extensive experience and a large network of regional contacts in the local administration, built up over the years. I became a French citizen in 2015.

I can provide initial information if you are contemplating a move to France and help in integrating into the system, sorting through the paperwork and ironing out the various difficulties of living in a new country.

For longer established residents I give ongoing advice and support, especially when changes to lifestyle are needed or difficulties are encountered. I even have a pre-booked service available giving support by phone should you need help at a meeting or with workmen and are worried about understanding the response!

If you own a holiday home I can provide help at a distance when something needs arranging in your absence or when incomprehensible paperwork arrives in the post!

As some of you may have found, it is not only the ability to speak the language but a different administrative culture in France that often causes difficulties when sorting out a problem. Articles, websites and word of mouth are useful sources of information but incorrect assumptions are easily made as regulations vary locally and are continually evolving in France. Up to date information and expert advice is essential for making informed decisions – it is here that I can be of help!

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Help, Advice and Support
My name is Andrew Harrison and I first came to South West France as a student some 45 years ago. In 2004 I established a business with the aim of providing a service to the increasing number of British residents and non-residents living in and around the Charente and Charente Maritime region.

I work in South West France and my aim is to offer you a flexible, affordable service, tailored to your needs.

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